When you’re shopping for a pre-owned Alfa Romeo vehicle, you’ll need to budget your spending accordingly. That doesn’t just mean the vehicle purchase price and any interest rates; you’ll also have to pay fees and taxes based on the model and financing terms. Learn about the fees and taxes to anticipate when buying a pre-owned Alfa Romeo car at Alfa Romeo of Plano.

Sales Tax

As with any purchase in Texas, you’ll have to pay sales tax on your pre-owned vehicle. Right now, the sales tax rate for auto purchases in Texas rests at 6.25 percent of the purchase price, minus your trade-in value.

Extended Warranty

If you’ve opted for the extended warranty on your pre-owned Alfa Romeo, you’ll pay a fee for this at signing.

Inspection and Maintenance Fees

Especially with pre-owned cars, we need to ensure that they’re working properly, there are no mechanical faults present, and they will pass vehicle inspections and emissions tests. Any relevant fees for this maintenance may be reflected in your total cost.

GAP Insurance

You may want to secure GAP insurance when you buy a pre-owned vehicle. The fee for this will be added to your total.

Documentation and Licensing Fees

These fees help us cover the process of transferring the vehicle title and license over to you. It also covers our expenses for filing paperwork, both internally and externally.

Buy a Pre-Owned Alfa Romeo Car in Plano, TX

Our Alfa Romeo dealership has several pre-owned vehicles on the lot, so visit us to see which cars fit your lifestyle. Contact Alfa Romeo of Plano today to schedule a test drive today.