Scheduling Alfa Romeo service in Plano, TX, is different when you drive a plug-in hybrid vehicle. While gas-only and PHEV models share many service and maintenance tasks, there are specific tips and considerations you should know. Courtesy of Alfa Romeo of Plano, here are five Alfa Romeo service tips for maintaining your plug-in hybrid vehicle.

Consult Your Manual

Many drivers are still unfamiliar with the service needs of electric and hybrid vehicles. That’s why checking your owner’s manual for proper maintenance guidance is essential. This includes recommended service schedules and how to diagnose common issues.

Check Your Battery

Maintaining batteries is important for any vehicle, and a plug-in hybrid car is no exception. You should get the battery examined and tested periodically for any signs of damage or power loss.

Regenerative Braking

Many hybrid Alfa Romeo vehicles feature regenerative braking, which uses braking energy to charge the battery. Because of this function, your brake pads and rotors will likely last longer than they would in a gas-only car. However, they will still need to be periodically inspected and replaced.

Oil Changes

Unlike electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid models still need oil changes. This is because, although you have a battery and electric motor, you still have an internal combustion engine (ICE) that is lubricated by motor oil.

Charging Correctly

If you can, don’t leave the charging cable plugged in after the car reaches maximum capacity. Also, bring your vehicle in for service if you notice any problems with the charging cable or port.

Schedule PHEV Alfa Romeo Service in Plano, TX

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